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  • New job.

    Just a 411.

    I received word from one of the companies my recruiter put me up for. They said "yep".

    The company itself is back in the city (both good and bad for that, Day Care being a toughie), and was voted one of "the best places to work for".

    the downside is that it is 25% out in the field, and mostly inspection, repair and retrofit, something that is not my crowning skillset, but still not something I am unable to perform at.

    The upside is that I am NOW (edit) radiating enough confidence (or just looking old enough) that people seem to be trusting me a bit more. I will have to keep working on that as that seems to be the only thing that keeps me from going further.

    I am still looking into Cisco or other technical professions, but it is good to get away from here and the unpleasant individuals I have put up with for a year and a half. I will miss some of them, however. I also feel guilty not telling anyone yet and waiting until Monday for the 2 week notice.

    Anyway, just a 411.

    Wish me luck at the new place (or luck finding a new Day Care for Jr!!! )
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    Good luck. Inspection, repair and retrofit of ????
    Originally posted by Ranshackle
    I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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      Super good luck and congrats. Always good when someone wants you.
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        Congratulations and good luck!


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          Thanks peeps.

          Shift, it is buildings (mostly).

          Stupid ads on the border (I have never seen that on an engineering site), but still...


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            do you still live in hoboken?


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              That can't be possible. Only douchebags live in Hoboken for more than 2 years.
              Originally posted by Ranshackle
              I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                What happens when that reaches 13?

                (PS, I am out in Rutherford now... Since September...)

                Strange this should pop up. I am getting really nervous about the new job. One of the hardest things is finding day care for Jr (they are all booked, have weird regulations, are far away or something similar. Even in different towns they are ALL within $100/mo from each other no matter what they offer, very frustrating. Oh, and they ALL are $400 more a month than where he is now. ).

                He is starting to remember, and ask for, his playmates at the day care......

                Anyway, fingers crossed.


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                  asking because i will be in hoboken with gf sometime between july 20 and 22. if you want to meet up with the wife let me know


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                    you'll be a perfect fit, jim!
                    Originally posted by Ranshackle
                    I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                      Hey! Congratulations!!! It's really awesome to hear some good news like this! Don't they have a service to help you find and rate day cares in your area? I haven't needed day care for a long time now, but I remember a web site that had tons of listings with all sorts of information to help. It went by zip code if I recall....
                      Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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                        I've been thinking about moving into engineering.

                        What branch of engineering do you do? What don't you like about it?


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                          I think it really depends on you what is a good fit.

                          If you are great with spatial-temporal reasoning, then I would recommend a job in either network engineering or structural engineering.

                          If you are great with logic flow and order, I would recommend a job in industrial engineering, systems engineering, software engineering, process engineering or similar.
                          Originally posted by Ranshackle
                          I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                            yup i cant wait... maybe this weekend instead


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                              Heh, well, I will be in Chinatown on Sunday (possibly) for Dim Sum and whatever else...

                              Saturday is Ultimate Frisbee at the athletic field on the river in Weehawken (3 minutes form Hoboken).

                              As for Engineering? I am doing Structural Engineering... I like that actual physical properties and analysis, but the code can get cumbersome (and complicated for the smaller details like connections and cladding).

                              I liked one company I worked for and jumped out when I felt I was getting too comfy and needed to change. The next company was OK, but I got laid off after 3.5 years there (Oh, also, I found out they are advertising on the net now for people and they never gave me a call.... nice, eh?).

                              The last one I was with was so-so or project work, but had some really BAD people. The boss did not want to get his hands into management, and was condescending at times, while people like the draftswoman I was working with were impossible to try and tell anything but the basics (she just did not give a ****). Add to that a micromanaging HR woman who would tell you the right section to put things in the fridge and took it upon herself to tell you if you were not following dress code (say you were scheduled for field, but it was cancelled).

                              I was MISERABLE at times. It was not the worst, that was HLW (second job I had), but it was definitely not one to go back to. The bridge ain't burnt, but I don't see it open to me anymore either.....

                              This one looks like it has possibility though. The work may be off from what I am most comfortable/best at, but if the PEOPLE are nicer....

                              I never really got along with people in my major... There is just something about the personality interaction that never meshed. I was always friends with similar majors though, and some completely opposite.....

                              Anywho, job starts next monday, so I am just trying to gt stuff strait here this week and get Jr potty trained..... We found a decent daycare (~$910/mo compared to ~$780/mo by the last job, or close to $1200/mo at some of the "premium learning centers" here in Ruth). It is better than the crowded day cares that seem to be focusing on volume (30 kids in a 40x20 room??!?) and comparable to the more expensive ones that would be more convenient.... but not so convenient to warrant an additional $150-$190/mo......

                              Well, that just about covers everything... TS I will ask my wife what is up (this weekend?). You in for daytime or early evening (any other and the kid...... well, you can guess).