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best free antivirus?

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  • best free antivirus?

    are these any good?

    Microsoft Security Essential

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    Been using Avira on rec. from here.

    Done pretty well so far, but I am pretty careful with what I double click on anyway....


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      Microsoft Security Essentials. Install and forget about it. Been running on all machines since it first came out without issue.


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        Avira is still my vote. I use MSE (per ganesha's post) on servers at work we don't want to licese with "real" antivirus, or those that aren't in the public domain.
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          About the time MSE came out, I noticed Avira came out with a bigger footprint. Was enough to nudge me to try MSE. I see/work on a lot of old systems and I can't help but warm to a smaller footprint.

          Aside - Someone recently called me to fix an infection they had, they said I had fixed their PC a few years ago and until recently, all had been well. A few days ago they said they got infected and bought an AV proggie from Wal-Mart,

          They bought Avira from Wally world, but for some reason, although they said they installed it and it didn't help. I checked and they still had the free edition along with some scareware.

          Why didn't the install disks from something they paid for help them install a new more kickass version???

          Don't know where this is going, just thought I'd share the ???
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            I was so impressed with Avira over the years and its ability to stop drive-by malware and USB-autorun malware in its tracks that I licensed it for 4 years at our office.

            I dunno what your person's issue was with the WalMart version. You can download all of their software (latest version) by visiting their website - even the pro version.
            Originally posted by Ranshackle
            I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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              They probably did not verify it (input the license number)...

              Either that or they "bought" a hard copy of the free version. I do not know if WM would sell someone something they could DL for free, but I would not doubt it!