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Just when you think you have had enough...

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  • Just when you think you have had enough...

    Life throws you another curve ball that beans you in the kidney.

    Yes, me. Again.

    On Monday I was reading a book on my Samsung Tablet on the subway (5 line). I looked up and it was 42nd street, then proceeded to read... only to be asked by someone "are you all right?".

    The train was stopped at 14th street and I was sitting on the floor and a woman with dark hair and a red (I think) jacket was asking me if I was OK.

    I had had a seizure.

    It was one of those muscular contraction ones too, so I feel like I was run over by a truck, and dragged along the floor (I still have the scrapes). I was taken to the hospital (Beth Israel) and stayed there overnight. I am now on anti-seizure medz, feeling a little loopy, and back to work.

    NYS law prevents any auto use for a year, although I think that may be appealed with a doctors affidavit/prognosis. And now my inexperienced wife is driving!!! I am hoping that I am not left in the 'burbs sans auto. That would be like purgatory...

    So, what's new with you?

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    So sorry to hear this NH... I don't know what kind of seizures you have, but I think most types are more active when you are under stress, and you seem to have tons of stress!!!
    Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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      Change your Samsung tablet for Ipad mini. That change everything
      Idunno if it's the same thing but I lost instanly one hour just by looking at the time on my tablet sitting on a chair yesterday.


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        Well, humor aside, I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do not lose my job because of "inability to safely perform duties".....


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          Are you not on medication?

          My best friend's wife was recently killed by someone driving on his way to see his doctor about chronic seizures. Rear-ended her at 75 mph with his perfectly healthy, non-seizure-having-wife in the passenger seat. He seriously screwed up his wife and himself, but killed my buddy's wife, who was a veritable angel. There's a reason driving isn't allowed. I know you know this, but it hits home for me personally.
          Originally posted by Ranshackle
          I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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            Yes I am on medz shift.

            No they are not chronic (yet).

            I am sorry this may hit home for you, but it is never more "home" than ground zero. I feel for your friend's wife, but that man was not me. I was the guy that did a face plant on the subway and has had his life substantially changed through no fault or action of his own.

            Now I don't know what I am going to do.

            Or who I am going to be.


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              You're going to be who you make yourself out to be, man. You control that destiny, regardless of what that little voice in your head tells you otherwise. Successful people and bat**** crazy people learn to ignore or suppress that voice alike. The rest of us in between struggle with it.
              Originally posted by Ranshackle
              I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                I understand, but understanding does not mean I have to like it....

                I am just hoping this was an unlucky coincidence that happened in a rather lucky place (ON the train and not on the platform... Riding the subway rather than using the company car even if it might NOT have happened in the car...).

                I am hoping that the triggers can be identified, isolated and avoided and that I can go back to my non-stellar but non-crappy life and whine about ORDINARY things again...


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                  I've been traveling to South Carolina to work on the savannah river nuclear site every week for half a year now.

                  Looks like I may be furrowed this week due to republican congressional tactics.

                  Sorry to hear about your issues Hedge. So long as you address your issues they will get better.


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                    I can't even blame this on the House/Senate....


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                      Oak, I thought that they were at least going to retro-pay everyone, but looks like that hit a snag today also. Ugh. Over it. Expect it to last until the end of next week. Republicans are going to take that **** right up to midnight of the deadline.
                      Originally posted by Ranshackle
                      I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                        I'm getting paid on "old money", so there is a delay for me. But, there is also the debt ceiling coming up that will make this happen all over again.


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                          Happen again? Nah. They're not going to settle on either until the last minute. Mark my words. Republicans are holding the country hostage, it's pretty terroristic what's happening right now. Before end of this week, I expect their approval rating to sink into the single digits.
                          Originally posted by Ranshackle
                          I like Hasselhoff's ass better.


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                            But only by the people that do not elect them.


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                              Sorry to hear that dude. I hope the medz work and health coverage takes good care of you.

                              Second what shift said.

                              Another notch on your belt, that's all it is, XP for total wisdom later.
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