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PS4 drop price starting tomorrow

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  • PS4 drop price starting tomorrow

    They gonna drop the price to reach the price of the xbox one during the last black friday. Of course I returned the xBox one elite. Not worth the extra cash. Both console gonna have great exclusive titles but only in december 2016. For now Ps4 has more interresting exclusive not currently and not supposed to be release on PC.

    The games are Bloodborne and Until dawn. Incoming GT7, Uncharted 4, Horizon : Zero Dawn. Of course Last of us remastered (worth it for the online play in HD). They gonna release Heavy Rain on Ps4 too.
    You can also play many games not released on Xbox one and currently on PC. On the xbox one side.. only the last Tomb raider which gonna be released on PC and PS4 later next year is time exclusive since Microsoft has bought all the rights of this game via Square Enix division. Eidos is now sold. MS Monopoly rules the world. You can also play Planetside 2 which is cross platform with windows PC and not on Xbox for now. Planetside is the best FPS mmo on earth believe me and it is free. Incoming on xbox one but now on PC and PS4.

    To play Destiny: The Taken King we need a dam console. Destiny is now a great game. This game was not that great at start but they fixed and added a lot of stuff for the next chapter. Now it is as good as the first Halo game.
    Destiny can be played on both console and it is cross platform for the same family of console. That means you play on xbox one a bit and return to your xbox 360 and the game progression is saved and you can play with xbox one players on xbox 360 etc. Same for Ps3 and PS4. Why I talk about this? Because this game looks dam better on next gen consoles. I use Xim4 to play with keyboard and mouse. Also you don't need to pay to play online in coop mode.

    On the xBox One side you have some titles not on PC like Forza 6. Forza is the only game worth buying a xbox one if you don't have a xbox 360. All the gears of war are on xbox 360 and the most recent remake include in the bundles is on PC soo. Don't be fooled by this. If one day xbox one can run Forza Horizon (the first) and Crackdown (the first) you have another reason. Also maybe a future windows compatibility but it is not done yet. The backward compatibility can change a lot in the future but for now the titles are not the classic xbox 360 games except the Gears of war series 2 and 3. I played Sunset Overdrive. Worth the try because it is dam crazy but it is that kind of game you play a bit and switch to something else and never come back.

    Here is the link for the PS4 promo.
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    They have done the same drop price in Canada during the boxing week. Now the old price is back.