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    looking around at install advice, in addition to the above, you can install the steamvr software in advance too, through steam. Its just freely available to everyone. Its not in your games library in steam though, its in your tools library in steam. Under the 'library' pull down menu, then 'tools'. Can d/l it in advance. Also, can opt in to beta for it (right click, properties), for the latest version/features.

    I also found that I need another cable. A display port to mini display port cable.

    I read that the Vive wants a usb port connection to your computer and either an hdmi or display port. I have plenty of usb ports, and power for them, so I'm good there. But i guess the Vive comes w/the cables assuming you'll do the HDMI route. At least in the past, when this guy got his, according to this older article, it didn't come w/a display port cable (maybe they fixed that omission since). So if, like me, your graphics card only has one hdmi output, and you are using it for your monitor (one of my 2 monitors, dvi for the other), then you need to use the display port output on your card for the vive headset, which from what I read it can do just fine - just doesn't come w/the cable. So be ready to have to supply yourself a display port cable. Or switch your monitor from hdmi to hdmi, to display port to whatever input your v has, or dvi to your tv, freeing up the hdmi port.

    Anyhow, glad I came across this. Would hate to have the rig in hand but be unable to use it because I'm missing a lone cable. hehe. Figured i'd share the info. And like I said, it might be they fixed this omission and it actually comes w/the cable but a quick look makes it seem like it only comes w/an hdmi cable and a usb cable for the part of the setup that hooks up to your graphics card. (my card has 1 hdmi and 3 display ports and 1 dvi for outs).


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      Thanks for the heads up.

      Ever since I got a 4K monitor, and a Lenovo Carbon notebook from the company, I needed cables in many combinations of DP to Mini-DP, or HDMI. I'm well stocked. When I just upgraded my old video card from GTX 690 to 980 Ti, the plug changes. I had to get even more cables. lol

      I'll keep using my normal 4K montitor for normal use. Maybe have my 42" TV right next to it to mirror what the VR set see. Gonna be awesome. I'm asking my daughter to help clear an area for it. Since we have a few dojo mats, I'm going to put 2 of those down in that area so we can walk and lie and crawl on it.


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        Just double checking my available display cable. I've already have a DP to mini-DP cable plugged in, but not being use. I'm good to go.


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          ETA, Tuesday!

          I spent half a day yesterday doing clean up and got a 7'x9' area. Can't wait!


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            Mine arrived! Opening the box!


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              Same! Woke up today and there it was, they didn't even insist that I be the one who signed for it so someone else was was able to sign and I didn't have to get woken up. (I work nights, sleep days).

              But its the middle of the work week, so I had to leave it behind and go to work. Boo! Stupid job! All expecting me to show up! Just got home on what most would consider wednesday morning (but its tue night for me) and its sitting next to me. taunting me! I won't let myself open it yet though or i'll play w/it and never get any sleep and be miserable at work tomorrow lol. Must . . . . resist . . . urge . . . to play . . . w/new toy! hehe. Luckily the box looks in great condition, so I'm not worried about any damaged-in-transit issues. Gonna try to force myself to wait till fri night after work to crack it open. We'll see if I succeed or not! The longer I put it off though, the less of a zombie I'll be by Fri for lack of sleep hehe.

              Curious to hear how it goes w/ya, hope it sets up pain free and is a blast!


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                The set up was very straightforward. The resolution was a bit lower than I expected. I guess is that my eye balls are only an inch away from the screen and I can tell apart each pixels. But once the game starts, I completely forgot I'm inside a game. I tried to put my weapon down on a virtual table a few time. lol

                Another time, when I removed my goggle while I was in a virtual sunny beautiful valley, I had a sunken feeling. The valley is gone. Back to a dark small room...

                Overall, the game play, is just as good as all the reviews said. The immersion is amazing! There is no words prepare you for the wow factor from being in the virtual world!

                On the other hand, my body is completely sore in so many places. I haven't had that much body and limbs movements for ages. lol


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                  Finally, saturday is here! Gonna eat some breakfast then hook this thing up =>


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                    All hooked up and running. Haven't even tried an games yet.

                    I see what ya mean about the resolution. Fairly low. A virtual screen in front of me, isn't as clear as my 55" hdtv, for instance. Its not too bad, but less than what videos lead you believe.

                    I had to put the headset on several different ways to find a nice comfortable way. Have extra headphones, since I do music stuff. So I grabbed an unused pair. Putting them on 'after' the headset seemed best. I don't like earbuds or I'd just use what came w/the vive. But for full over-the-ear headphones, put them on after the headset seems best. Also, I wear glasses. I'm a little nearsighted. Makes it a little tricky putting on the headset, but its fine once its on. But then i discovered - i don't need my glasses lol. Since even if things 'appear' far away, its always literally an inch from my eyeballs in reality, so I can see everything fine w/out glasses. lol.

                    In spite of the lowish resoultion, very immersive. I look down to type on my keybaord and i'm surpised to be unable to see it lol. Lucky I know how to type so I never need to look at a keyboard to type anyhow. I can see it being a prob for finger typists trying to actually type while wearing one of these though.

                    Haven't tried it in a game, but in the virtual desktop app and the orientation setup thing, I didn't notice any head movement lag. I've seen some Rift people complain of that (though I don't know which version of the rift they had). So I was a little worried there might be, but haven't noticed any so far.

                    I have the 'virtual desktop' app. Have been messing w/that. Re-orient your desktop to be anywhere you want in a 3d space. Curve it so it covers more of your field of vision. Watch 360 vids in it. Or 3d vids. or regular of course.

                    probs - text can be not so clear especially if its peripheral, much better when you are looking at it head on. but of course, resolution and all that is set for my flat 2d RL television, not for the res of the headset or the curved giant virtual screen I'm looking at. Other prob I've noticed, that although you can display your second monitor w/virtual desktop, it misconstrues where the mouse is, in the second monitor, so its hard to actually use the mouse in your second monitor, have to compensate.

                    3d vid i tested w/it: Ya get your screen to fill your field of vision. then start the vid in youtube. then press f6, our mouse select the option, and bam, 3d. Pretty cool for me since none of my tv's do 3d. I'm not usually interested in 3d, but its cool to see it works.

                    360 degree vids are more intersting to me. Just copy link of a vid to clipboard in virtual destop, then paste, it auto runs it in 360 in the headset. Or drag and drop from some other source (haven't tried that, since i don't have any pre-downloaded 360 vids to drag and drop).

                    My room - I only barely had enough space for the minimum room space (if running in room VR mode). Anyone can of course still use it in sitting mode if they don't have the space. I can make more space by moving things around, but was hoping I wouldn't have to, looks like i won't have to (if only barely). A lot of my room stuff is located where it is due to outlets and such like that, so keeping things as is would be ideal. Might limit what games I can play though still, but I'm happy having the minimum space at least.

                    A couple of times my forehead itched, so i naturally reached to scratch it, only to hit the headset lol. Its easy to forget I have it on.

                    Set up was easy but one of my controllers wouldn't pair. W/some searching i found there's an alternate way to pair. Open steamVR and where it lists what hardware is or isn't connected, if you mouse over the controller that isn't connected, you can pair it through steamVR, as an alternative method, and bam, it worked fine that way. So if anyone has a controller that won't pair, just do it that way instead of the normal way. Might have just been because its not fully charged or whatever, i just used them out of the box w/whatever charge level they came with. Otherwise setup was pretty pain free. Oh, and I had to install windows updates for some reason before it'd detect the headset. No idea what it was I was missing, but installing the updates fixed whatever it was. win8.1 pro.

                    The lenses. I've already had to clean the lenses. When I was first figuring out the ideal way to fit the headset I smudged them up already once lol. Luckily, since I wear classes, I have a lot of those glass cleaner cloths around, plus the vive even came w/one. But they are easy to smudge.


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                      Very nice!! I haven't tried 3D video yet. I have lots of 3D movies in SBS format. Will try it in Virtual Desktop later.


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                        Have had a couple games now where I forget what real life direction I'm facing, lose track. So I came up w/a trick. Redesigned my virtual room walking area so instead of being rectangular'ish, I added a jag here and there, on one side. So now when the virtual walls pop up - I know which side of the room I'm facing IRL. I know the jagged zig zagged wall is the real life north facing edge of my space. Can orient myself in real life w/out losing my in game immersion at all.


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                          hehe. Nice trick. For me, since I always have my computer volume on, even a bit, I can tell where my computer desk is at.


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                            Time to play Eve online.


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                              I tried quite a few games that were designed for Oculus, or a non-VR game convert to VR. They all give me motion sickness.

                              Even a game that uses the Xbox controller to move my avator forward, make me feel nauseous as well. Sucks to be me...


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                                Did you tried Leap Motion?

                                Here is where you buy it.
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