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    I read about it, but I will wait for it to be wider acceptance first. I don't think there are any games that support it yet.


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      I have the Oculus and you can now play all vive games with Oculus.

      VR is awesome, I have a bunch of the VR games and now that I believe they finally figured out moving around with it on the hand controllers if some of these game companies could put a little cash in and the headsets have come down in price.
      Man I can 't wait, there has to be some really good games and apps on the way.


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        Nice! Glad you've joined the VR world!

        HTC Vive just came out with the wireless addon. It is even more awesome. I've moved both of my VR system to the living room and can move all around it and no more worry about tripping on my own wire, or the other person's wire. Especially playing coop shooting games with my friends together. Super awesome!


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          Which games are those?

          I have my entire office and the Oculus Go just came out so that is option as well, I just don't see them as lasting for battery life, I like the idea but for the cost I think have an external backpack or beltpack for power would be a better option than having the batteries built into the goggles.


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            I bought 3 packs of battery for like $20-$30 each, and can last me way more than I can play. I think just 1 more pack is enough. By the way, the wireless setup for HTC VIVE has to be an external battery. So, it is how it is to begin with.

            The coop games I played were in the Rec Room. It's free. It's low res, but it is so so much crazy fun when you play with people you know and not just wandering around.

            When playing in the same room, it gets to yet another level!


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              Rec room has lot of coop games.
              JumboTron is one of my favorite.

              CO-OP QUESTS

              Team up with your friends and arm yourselves with laser guns. It'll take teamwork and high-fives to defeat JumboTron and his army of robots.


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                I have rec room as well


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                  For those who don't have a VR headset. Better wait for the Pimax 5K plus. It use the Vive Tracking system with 200 FOV. But the headset need a powerful graphic card (minimum GTX 1080 TI) GeForce RTX 2080 is a better idea. It is a bit cheaper than the Vive but waaaaaaaaay Better.

                  The best current Headset is the Samsung Odyssey + . Available in the US for Black Friday at 299$ Starting Sunday November 18

                  Wait at midnight today to buy it as fast as you can because you have so many people and companies who gonna buy it. This thing is crazy!
                  No more tracking problem, no more screendoor effect but the sweet spot is tiny compared to other headset.
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                    For those with the money and computer to run it you can get $50 less from the price of the Pimax 5k +. That makes the HEADSET AT 650$ usd. FOR BLACK FRIDAY ONLY