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    I pre-ordered the Vive, looking forward to it.

    From what I understand, currently at least:

    SteamVR/HTC Vive - 800 bucks. Doesn't include shipping either i discovered, boo. Most expensive. Includes its own custom controllers and these room sensors that scan your furniture and stuff so they can show it all virtually so you don't walk into your own furniture while in game. Allows for games that have you actually walking around. Also has a head camera so you can walk around normally and see w/out taking the headset off. Highest specs of the headsets too. Its valve's baby so will probably have valve exclusives (portal, half life, etc..). Steam has a proggy you can download and run to see if your machine is capable of running it. (i have a gtx 980ti and did well. my older gtx670 couldn't even run the thing). Will be able to play your non-vr games even, in a virtual room on a virtual 2d 200 inch monitor.

    Oculus Rift - roughly 600 bucks. But doesn't include their custom controllers as they aren't done yet. So comes w/an xbox controller instead. Will have to buy the later controllers when they come out, and they aren't included in the price. So not as much cheaper than the vive than it looks. No room sensors, not made w/walking around in mind. Dunno if it includes shipping in the price. The dev kits have been out for a couple years now so there are already some games for it. Dunno what kind of exclusives it may or may not have. Also lets you play your non-vr games through it on a virtual monitor. I think i heard it also has a thing you can d/l to run on your pc to see if your pc can handle it. Should be slightly less punishing in its requirements, but not by a lot.

    Playstation 4 - 400 bucks. The cheapest, but also the least powerfully specced. Uses the ps4 move controllers as their special controllers but don't come w/them. And works in conjuction w/some sort of ps4 camera thing, that also doesn't come w/it. They did this because a lot of people already have these things for non-VR purposes - and they don't want to have to pay more than 400 bucks for the VR headset only to also get duplicates of hardware they already own and don't need. So if you already have the controllers, the camera thing, and the ps4, its only 400 bucks. If you don't, it can get as expensive as the Vive. Will have ps4 exclusives. I presume its sandboxed to the console, but someone may jury rig a way to get it to work w/a pc some day, like ya can do w/a ps3 controller and such.

    google cardboard - free. can make yourself. or buy a kit. works w/your phone. funny. ghetto.

    Many pc games will support both the oculus and the vive, so its not quite like a vhs versus betamax kind of battle. There might be exclusives to consider though.

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    You can walk around with the Vive? Is it coreless? Would be hard to walk around with those cables...

    I pre-ordered the Oculus in Jan. Should be available in a month or so.

    Oculus Rift ($599.00 ) x 1 = $599.00
    Taxes, Surcharges and Fees: Applicable shipping, taxes and duties will be added to and charged in your payment upon shipment of the unit.
    Order Total: $629.00


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      After watching numerous HTC VIVE youtube video, I bought one as well. It looks like so much fun!


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        Yeah, I'm really looking forward to playing with it. Its out now, but mine won't ship until some time in May. They're shipping them in the order they were ordered, and I didn't pre-order until April. Edit, I mean March. I don't even know if its gonna be the beginning of May or late May, lol. Signature required. And not just any signature, but only the signature of the one who ordered it. I kinda wish now that I had the foresight to have ordered it delivered to where I work instead of home, i'd get it a day earlier and wouldn't have to be woken up to sign for it.

        Ah well, no biggy, and I can wait. I'm having fun just looking around at all the stuff already being made for VR and roomVR, etc... Plus then other people can be guineae pigs for the new-release VR stuff, so there will actually be some reviews out when it comes time for me to actually get some games for it.

        Wes, since you'll have both, be warned, I heard total-buiscuit mention on a vid of his that he had some minor probs when both were hooked up to the same machine at the same time (like usb probs or some such, but he sounded unsure of the cause, just basically said they didn't play well together, at least not on his machine). It didnt' sound like he invistigated it much, just unhooked whichever one he wasn't using.


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          Sounds good. I've already bought bunch of VR games in Steam since they were on sale. Looking forward for it.


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            Just got an update from my Oculus order...

            Estimated Ship Date
            7/4/2016 - 7/14/2016


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              * Waiting for HTC VIVE's shipping date impatiently...


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                hehe, yeah, the wait is brutal, especially since there are those already enjoying theirs! Lucky bastards!


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                  Are we there yet?


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                    Checked my email, charge went through yesterday, processing my shipment and all that, woot! No probs w/the bank like some people get for having an unusual expenditure from an unusual source. Earlier than projected, wasn't supposed to be until some time in May. So they are beating their projections. Still, nothing in hand yet, just processing my order, still might not ship until May like originally planned. we'll see! Next step, they send me the tracking info when they ship. I seem to remember when I pre-ordered they ship 2 day. I have this week off, so of course I'm gonna get it right after my week off, lol. I'll report again when I actually have it in hand.


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                      Oh, my order status changed as well:

                      HTC Vive
                      • Boxed Shipment
                      • Order Status: Pending Fulfillment
                        Your order has been released for fulfillment. You will receive a shipment confirmation email with tracking when your product is shipped. Tracking numbers will be displayed on this page after the product has shipped.


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                        OMG! OMG! OMG! It is shipped with Fedex 2 days! Will be here on Wednesday!!


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                          Gratz! Same! => Woot woot! Why oh why couldn't it come last week when I had the week off! hehe. Might have to wait till the weekend to actually use it due to work, but It'll be nice to finally have it!


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                            Time to start thinking about what games to play on it. I'll post about any I try, to warn others away from any that fail in their attempt to support VR, I'm sure there'll be some lemons especially as its so new. Thank goodness for steam's refund policy though, can try stuff risk free. Wheee!

                            I'll want to reinstall Elite: Dangerous. It supports the vive. I already have it and have played it a bit with friends, just normally non-vr wise, I look forward to it on the Vive. Already visually immersive, w/VR it ought to be insane. Can use it w/voice attack to have voice commands too (though its a pain to set up). I find it hard to imagine working well w/the vive controllers, might wanna use my xbox controller w/it still, but i'll give it a try and see what I think both ways.

                            Another space one, that's not out till later this year. Everspace. I backed it a while back. Not an alpha backer though so I have to wait for beta to play it. They added OR support in the recent alpha, will add Vive support for the beta.

                            Simulation games in general will really benefit from VR I think.

                            Pool Nation VR. comes out in May. I already have pool nation, the non-vr version. But something about pool actually being in 3d so you actually aim the stick like you really would as opposed to w/a mouse makes it a lot more appealing. We'll see how good of a job they do.

                            and of course there's all the little games that have already come out, just searching on steam and filtering by VR brings those up. I'm more curious about older games that retroactively add VR support so might not show up in the list since they weren't made originally w/it in mind.

                            Then of course, there's just playing 2d games w/in the VR headset on giant virtual screens, ought to be cool on its own. Heck, my main monitor only does true 60hz (artifically upscaled to 120), so just playing in the headset will give me 90 true hz, so it'll be an upgrade even for 2d games. hehe. I plan to play the hell out of Stellaris and Total War: Warhammer, both regular 2d games about to come out, but maybe i'll play 'em through the headset anyways.


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                              to get a headstart on setting up: