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New PS4k and xBox One Slim

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  • New PS4k and xBox One Slim

    Like you can see everywhere today. Some information was leaked from the E3 installation.
    A new PS4 is coming to solve the problem with the VR games not working properly on the standard PS4.
    They gonna talk about it officially very soon if not today. (PS4k, PS4.5, PS4 neo)
    Also Microsoft also gonna release a new xBox One to join the new VR generation called xBox One S. (slim with more official details maybe today or this week)

    But I think the best news is the release of Forza Horizon 3 on Windows 10 computers.
    That means there is no reason to buy a xBox one anymore.

    So I can say offically that only the new PS4k console worth the buy for the recent addition of Uncharted 4 and incoming titles from the same devs and maybe the cheap VR headset. New Last of Us, GT sports etc...

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    The new consoles are all targeting for VR. The new gen gaming is almost here.


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      The Microsoft conference was today PM
      Here is the Forza on PC video:

      xBox One S video:
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        No detail on the new hardware for the xBox one s except BlueRay 4k capability and playing the game rendered in 4k to a smaller resolution DSR we have with the nvidia Geforce Experience option on PC.

        Ohhhhhh I just saw State of decay 2 !!!!! My prefered zombies game now I hope with less bugs and better cars rendering and controls ....
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          xBox One project scorpio... It is the new xBox with VR capability. Incoming in 2017 so... Sony consoles are more advanced than Microsoft for VR in 2016.

          The difference with those consoles is they are made almost exactly like a PC and can be upgraded without compatibility problems. So in the future all old games gonna be compatible with the new consoles.

          They are waiting for the new AMD chips release to give a better idea of a release date for full VR compatibility consoles

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