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Arizona Sunshine Steam Gift trade

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  • Arizona Sunshine Steam Gift trade

    I received a gift from Steam... of course a game I already have. Arizona Sunshine. Anyone has a gift to trade on Steam for this game?

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    Didn't even know you can trade gift on Steam. But I haven't gotten any gift so far.


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      I have done a trade before with NinjaHedge I think. It was Bordelands 2 for Torchlight 2 if I remember. One of my first game on Steam.

      I don't find the gift card anymore maybe it was just a bug or worst of that... a hack !

      It was a 30 days to trade or send to someone. Maybe it was something else... like having some days to try a game and can send it later as a gift. I need to check...
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        note: Bordelands 2 is coming to VR. Already on PS4


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          Well, you got me on THAT one!

          Your memory is better than mine, but yes, you CAN gift games. I have used it mostly when I purchase a 4 pack or get some other deal and I hand out a copy to a friend. The same has been done for me several times in the past.