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Which games the most anoying guys are playing?

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  • Which games the most anoying guys are playing?

    Ok guys let's start a thread about the most anoying moments you've been through in a video game because of the dam mic system. Or simply because someone can easily do something to ruin the match people are trying to win and enjoy.

    I play alot of different games and the first I can name is
    Tom Clancy's Rainbo Six Siege : Why?
    Because I don't know why but you have so many guys using the mic just to talk about anything else than what it supposed for that kind of game.
    They have a mic to call where the enemy is.... Not to talk about what is happening in their life or anything else during the entire match when the other teamates try to concentrate and... fail of course.
    That is not just that... Many players use the mic just to talk trash. They just harass the other players in their team the entire match and they stupidly expect to solve something when they just ruin the entire match because of course that lead to other catastrophic situations.
    Here are some situations: - The wise guy/girl gonna quit right away because he/she knows there is nothing to do really except making things worste. They are now in numerical inferiority.
    - Another kind of wise but not with a lot of experience with the game just gonna start a vote to kick the anoying player but of course the chance that happens is almost none because the anoying one know he just have to say sorry when he see the Kick vote starting. (Yeah the game is stupid like that.. you see the vote for your own kick!!!! No sens.... )
    - Let's talk about the worste that can happen in this game and believe me that happens almost in every single match. See 1 chance on 3 or even 2 matches... Team Killng. Yes that is right you can team kill!!! Worste You need to kill 2 teamates to be banned from the match. Even worste you can shot until his health is low and don't kill or until he is on the floor and just heal him or wait for another player to heal him. Most of the time the player coming to heal him gonna kill the guy that started the teamkill. Ok do I need to explain more? yes.... the other round what is gonna happen? Of course the player killed by his teamate gonna kill the team killer (again maybe)

    And I just talk about what you can see. Now add to that every single player starting to harass each other with all the worst words you can ever imagine in the mic . Seriously? ... You want to listen what stupid people have to say? This game is the right place for that. This is BRUTAL STUPID and of course.... when you start to analyse that you discover that is mostly because the game is brutal stupid. 5 players against 5 players fight with guns in a house to kill the other team and they have the right to kill their own teamates!!!! To talk trash all the time other people just because they think they are superior. Use the game like a talk channel for retarded people who need to constantly talk about their **** or anything else instead of doing something useful. You can even sit and look what happens and choose to do nothing until the end of the match.

    Ok now another great one.
    TruckersMP Euro Truck simulator online. There is a reason why this game is not made to be online. Here is why.... because you always always have trolls everywhere on the net and of course they all play video games and why not Euro truck simulator Online. They have virtual CB radio to talk about their poor life to any player, trash talk for no reason to any player, etc, etc, etc. But it is not just that... Trolls can ruin the game by pushing, crashing to other trucks or cars until the truck/car flip to its top. What that means? That means the hour you just drive to deliver your cargo is lost, the cargo is lost, your truck is damaged at almost 50% and this gonna cost you $20 000 to repair and you need a towing that cost another arm or two. Euro Truck / American are great. It is just that the online mod offers to trolls a nice platform to ruin the life of other persons.

    I don't play this game anymore but one of the most anoying chat I remember is in League of Legends. So many no sens idiots play this game. That ruins everything. They also removed the only enjoyable mod where people just played and forget about anything else. For me that was the end of the trip.

    The worst place and time to play Tom Clancy's Rainbo Six Siege is mostly when you play in the Novice (section) during the week and during the weekend at night you can't play without having issue in any PVP gametypes.

    Another place where you can easily fall on a troll is in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP game type. 4 players coop is great but 4vs4 arena is a troll nest.
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    I used to play a lot of rainbow six siege also. However i decided to quit it. I didn't play rainbow six siege for like an year exactly due to the facts that you have mentioned above. Right now i am playing a lot of CS:GO and recently i started to play some COD modern warfare. What really annys me about CS:GO, well it is the fact that you get a lot of toxic teammates. However it is an online game so it is possible everywhere however it is way too common issue. What i really dislike about it is the old graphics and the lack of alternative for the competitive servers. I mean, just take a look at the stupid minecraft game, where they have Why is it impossible for cs:go?
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