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    Got a LAN in 2 weeks and DoW is one of the games. I suk at RTS(I gots no thinking strategizing skills) and since the peeps are all kinda laid back, I wonder if there's a way to grief at DoW.

    ...anyone got any suggestions?
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    No Zerg rush, as far as I know...

    Orcs are hard to master. I would not go with them.
    Eldar have some funky stuff when you get them up a bit higher, but they are not the best head-to-head fighters. They also cost more resources.
    Humans come in two varieties I believe. Cruisaders and the ones that look like our own army.

    The Cruisaders are handy when you start developing a good tank backup and have your captain leader surrounded by support. If hecan get in close enough to use the satelite cannon, it puts a WORLD of hurt on an enemys base (although I don't think it can destroy most of them on one shot).

    The other humans are defensive, until you get their mega-tank. Their groups are pretty good to rally around though (get one special guy and attach him to a normal infantry, etc etc).

    The demon worshipers are just plain weird. I don't know how to explain them aside from their top infantry is deadly. Oh, and the huge demon they can summon is death to all infantry.

    There are a few more, but I would recommend looking around a bit. It has been around for a while, so there are plenty of tip blogs/sites/threads out there if you want to look.....