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  • Forum is BACK online!!

    Just a quick note to let you all know that Wes has revived the forum. It was previously hacked, and the data base ruined. Not only was Wes able to restore the database, he was also able to update vBulletin to the newest version, and has the site back up and on line. You'll need to log in again (cookies have long expired), but your log in details have been rescued. The log in link is upper right, just above the black bar header.

    I am alive and well, retired now in the Daytona area of Florida. My best friend, Kicker (Andy) was recently down visiting for a week, just as the Corona stuff was starting. It was a blessing to have my best friend come and visit.

    I am still dealing with cancer, Multiple Myeloma. It has no cure, and I have to endure weekly treatments to keep it in check. That's certainly better than the options. It's a two hour drive each way to Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. However, one of the leading research oncologists, specializing in my cancer, is there, and keeping me healthy. It's been a 7 year (so far) string of experimental drug trials and other chemo treatments to keep the cancer at bay. Better than the alternative.

    So, hoping that some of the old (we are now all old!!) MyUn members see this, and post. Our lives change. But our olove of gaming, and the wonderful comm8unity that we have been part of, continues. Thanks Wes! Hope to see others post here.
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    Hi All!
    Not much to say right now, just got home from work and my brain is fried.
    Glad to see this back up, thanks guys!
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