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  • Grand mal

    Well, this sucks...

    I had a grand mal seizure on election night. 2 AMAOF. Bit my tongue pretty bad....

    Went to Memorial Sloan Kettering UCC. My wife drove me. 4hrs there.

    I really do not know what to do.

    This sucks beyond meaning.

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    Oh no - man that just sucks. Hang in there, be patient and learn about what your body is going through. My sister has had a few of those. She's on an anti-seizure medication and I think she's got it pretty well managed. Here in Wisconsin, before you're allowed to drive you must be seizure free for 3 months. (Your state law may differ.)

    I am also on anti-seizure meds and I've had a few (3) *minor* seizures over the last 10 months since I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

    You'll learn how to manage it and your life will get back to as close to normal as possible eventually - hang in there! Hit me up on Steam chat if you ever wanna talk.


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      Take care of yourself man.

      Life will have ups and downs for all of us, and it's that ride keeps it interesting. Push through this and I'm sure you'll find a new normal.