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  • Realistic Anime?


    Just got a question. Some dufus on another board is trying to tell me that cartoons should not be expected to be realistic and that anyon that expects that has problems.

    I am trying to explain to him that that is simply not the case with a LOT of Anime. Some examples I gave are Tokyo Godfathers and Monster.

    Are there any others that are more realistic in any one particular way?

    Whether it is "human" realistic (Monster), or even just artistically realistic (Last Exit), or Physically realistic (Cowboy Bebop) any input would be appreciated.

    I don't think I can convince him, but I can at least defend my position.

    I know I have problems, but this ain't one of them!

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    I think their eyes are too big and their mouths are too small... Hey, isn't that the title of one the books on it?!?! lol
    Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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      Witch hunter Robin
      Ghost in the Shell (all of them)
      That other goth type.... umm...where the guy was like a God, but he didnt know. They had Radiohead in the ending credits... oooh! The main female character was named "Real" <- please help me remember this. It's driving me nuts

      Wolf's Rain
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        Well, those are realistically rendered, but I doubt I would be able to convince a stalwart "cartuns r fer KIDZ!!" person with a "realist" story about werewolves or Pyrokenetics!

        The guy was a god, he had a half mask that had horns? Set in feudal Japan?


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          no, set in the future
          the chick was goth ... reel mayer was her name (or close too it)
          He was just an ordinary "citizen" and stuff happened where they left the city which was encased in a sphere and outside of the city was desolate.

          He was finding and killing other "gods" (like him)

          ERGO PROXY!


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            Real anime, sure, Grave of Fireflies would be one, another is Millennium Actress.

            I could probably list others if you give me time, those are the two most prominent ones that I've watched and they are exceptionally good.
            For all the reasons to smile, 'for the hell of it' has always been my favorite.


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              Ergo "Prox-she" as they pronounced it...

              I know what you are talking about. Kind of a 1984/Brave New World meets Demon Boy....

              Harm, those are ones that would be a solid case. I just hate it when people are so condescending about something you actually like and tell you about it based off their own ignorance of the subject.