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  • Torrents?

    OK, M!nin0va is now down, and so is Pira+e... What is left?

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    Isohunt is where ... a friend of mine... goes. ... He... just looks for TV shows and things like that though.


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      I know, even Bleach and stuff is gone.

      DA? Any clue?


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        The pirate bay is still going. They swapped to magnet links which function in a similar fashion but comply with new local laws.

        Eztv is good for shows.

        Demonoid has been down forever.

        For fast downloads of new releases I use a private tracker. I could send an invite to anyone that can keep a good ratio. I run my PC 24/7.


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          I would appreciate it.....

          But that would be wrong.....


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            I saw this article about Pirate's Bay.
            "Irony is asking the government to fix the problems it caused!"

            "The lesser of two evils is still evil!"

            Obama: Affirmative action at its best!


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              whoa, news to me

              what happened?

              ... oh - reading article now

              ninja- i use baka-updates for anime since every subber seems to have their own tracker or whatever. Probably why I didnt notice anything.

              But damn, im gonna have to find a new place to get Wii games lol

              peer exchange...
              Are they saying that will be the new BT?

              edit 2
              nope. Seems it will be something like a kazaa or winmx deal
              read here for a simple explanation and not the tech junk on wikipedia
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                Wow, OBT seems to skirt everything by not really being the list... What would you use to find anything on that....


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                  Basically you can't search OBT torrents.

                  If the person who created the torrent added OBT (and many on TPB do) as a tracker then you have to do nothing.

                  One torrent can have many trackers. I often add trackers to slow torrents. And adding trackers to private torrents will get you banned. Only do it to public trackers.
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                    i guess i should look more into how torrents work...but i dont consider myself a power user for it anyway. As long as clicking on the torrent opens my utorrent client and starts downloading, I am happy.