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Once in a Blue Moon.... this Thursday!

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  • Once in a Blue Moon.... this Thursday!

    Ever say, "Once in a blue moon."? Guess what? There's one this Thursday! There's also a lunar eclipse. Wonder what that bodes for the new year?!?!?
    once in a blue moon.
    The first appearance in print of this expression goes back to well before the time of Shakespeare--to 1528, in fact. In a little item called Rede Me and Be Not Wroth appears:
    Yf they say the mone is blewe
    We must believe that it is true.
    Making allowances for the fact that the pre-Elizabethians spelled differently from the way we do today, this makes the point that nobody really believed that the moon ever was blue. So once in a blue moon meant never. However, it appears that thanks to physical phenomena like dust storms, cloud banks and ice crystals in the atmosphere, the moon on very rare occasions may appear to be blue. So nowadays once in a blue moon translates best into W. S. Gilbert's famous line from H.M.S. Pinafore: "What, never? Well, hardly ever!"
    --Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins, William and Mary Morris, Harper & Row, New York, 1977.

    "Blue Moons" in the late 20th - early 21st Century (times in UT)

    1996 July 30 10:35
    1999 January 31 16:06
    1999 March 31 22:49
    2001, November 30 20:51
    2004, July 31 18:06
    2007, June 30 13:50
    2009, December 31 19:14
    2012, August 31, 13:58
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    It seems that the lunar eclipse will not be visible from the US , but some parts of NorthEastern Canada may see it:

    It will be mostly visible from Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia:
    Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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      I thought a Blue Moon was simply two full moons in a month....


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        i thought it occured when the sun teased the moon too much



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          I think you're both right!!!
          Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!


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            Originally posted by lilith View Post
            2012, August 31, 13:58


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              I thought it was a song...


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                I thought it was beer...
                When you girls are done kissing, I've got some asskicking for you!


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                  I thought it was a Smurfy insult.