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    I am done with school, for now at least, and will be starting work in New York in late February. I thought this might be a great place to ask for some expert advice
    (and on a side note, I will be gaming plenty before then so I hope to catch at least some of you online!)

    I have two options for housing at this time:
    -A good friend who is in graduate school in the city is looking for a roommate for this semester, I could room with him and then look for another place to live in the late spring or summer. The catch is a longer commute.
    -I could look for a place now, I currently live at home about 3 hours away so going up to look at apartments would not be too bad.

    Is the NYC rental market seasonal? I like the idea of rooming with my friend since then I do not have to worry about the housing search for a while, but some people have told me that this is a great time to rent and I was not sure how long that is going to last or if the market is seasonal and I'd be getting tougher deals if I start renting later.

    Any advice would be appreciated!

    One step closer to being a real LOBster! haha

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    1st, give the (approximate) work address. Then we can tell you what area might be best/affordable/not built for Tokyo Midgets.


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      The main building is on seventh avenue, Rockefeller Center being the closest big subway stop. Another building is nearby on sixth avenue.

      There is another location right across the river in New Jersey somewhere, but most likely I would be working in one of the midtown buildings. (it is a rotational program though, so there is a chance for at least some time there)

      I would take a shorter commute time even if it meant less space, nor do I mind non-elevator buildings.


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        well.. best place to start with is craigslist.
        only search the posts that have images.

        word of advice. PRINT OUT the postings. Many-a-time they will show you an image of an apartment in the building that ISNT the one they make you look at. Might be in better condition, but with the exact same layout.

        I have caught my fair share of retards trying that one with me.

        As for pricing...well post here and we will tell you whats good or not lol

        and no, renting is not seasonal here.


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          Midtown means just about anywhere would work. Places like Brooklyn (Heights, Cobble Hill, Dumbo) are all $$Great$$, places like Forest Hills, Astoria and other places in Queens are good (although a bit grungy).

          Brooklyn would have a few spots as well, and even some places along Metro North coming into Penn Station (a bit of a walk, but still).

          There is also Hoboken and Jersey City. Hoboken has the Path and a direct bus line, and JC has similar.

          Go much further out than that, though, and you really would not find NYC convenient.... (Unless you found a direct train line in...).

          What are you looking for?
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