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Thread: Thread of Random Banter (TRB)

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    I just found it odd that the cops stopped and picked him up....

    I could see them stopping and asking "hey, what'cha doin'?", but not taking him in.....

    (I do not think he was charged with anything, still, getting him into the back of the squad car...... Maybe they were just giving him a ride into town....)

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    It's probably because he started to run.

    He's fairly well known for his pranks in France. He's slipped into the Mr Universe contest and the World Cup (I think it was the WC).

    Here is a good compilation:

    And in other news:

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    oh well, no ones perfect
    Wales, where the men are men and the sheep are nervous.
    Incoming fire has right of way

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    What a jerk off.

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    Nerd bath lol
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