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Thread: Outlook meeting forward notification ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ahlab View Post
    I tried this but for some reason I was never able to get it to work. . .

    I have the OWA address, login name and password but could not get it setup.
    I assume you are using Microsoft Active Directory in your office? So, thus, you are joined to a domain?

    Are you able to login to OWA? Usually your domain is prefixed to your username on the login box. Example: If your username for OWA is MYU\ahlab, then your domain is MYU

    Given that this is true in this example, here are (modified) instructions I provide to my people on our BlackBerry internal wiki page:


    Instructions generated using BlackBerry Storm, steps may vary slightly with different models.

    Users should understand three basic buttons: The "Menu" button (button with dots), the "Escape" button (the 'swoosh'), and understand that pressing the screen (Storm) or the trackball (8330) will select an item.

    • If this is a brand new Verizon phone fresh out of the box, dial *228 and press option 1 to activate the phone when prompted (might take up to 2 mins).
    • Storm users: Hang up, escape to the desktop, rotate phone sideways, choose the Setup icon.
    • 8330 users: Hang up, escape to the desktop, press Menu key, choose Setup icon.
    • Choose Email Settings icon.
    • Agree to the terms provided, if applicable (scroll down and agree).
    • Choose "Add".
    • Choose "Other", click Next.
    • Enter your work email address and email/network password in the blanks provided, click Next.
    • After it crunches on this for a second, you will probably be asked to re-enter your work email address (as if it were incorrect), BUT just click Next again. It will fail and should ask for more setup options
    • Choose "This is my work email", click Next.
    • Choose "Outlook Web Access", click Next.
    • Enter the following settings:
    • * URL: (might be /exchange if your admins change stuff)
    • * Username: (enter in your network login name, WITHOUT the MYU\ prefix)
    • * Password: **********
    • * Email Address:
    • * Mailbox: your-network-username
    • (NOTE: you may need to scroll down to see add'l entry boxes)
    • Click Next.
    • At this point, you should receive a message that the account addition is successful. If not, you should probably remove the account you just tried to add and contact your IT staff for help. It will take approximately 5-20 minutes for your BlackBerry to update and start catching mail.

    I am not saying this is going to work for you, but if you get stuck at some point, post back and I'll try to help. I'll be that stupid asshole that tells you how to do stuff that your IT staff should probably help you with
    Quote Originally Posted by Ranshackle
    I like Hasselhoff's ass better.

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    That's the thing SHift, it is noe thing to try to do something w/o telling the superiors, but it is another to get some actual help before going on and tackling it yourself.

    Always ask around for help (like I do ) before trying anything more than a simple task, because you are likely to miss things.

    The only thing I am guilty of is tweaking corporate idiocies like Print Tracking (heh, sorry company!!) by renaming the tracking software so it does not load up. Silly, they block it from being shut down through TaskManager, but renaming the exe -> ex3? Who would know to do that??!?

    I know, annoying, but so is having to put a job number next top every little thing you print!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shifty View Post

    I forego this problem - I setup a server *specifically* for music. It has a 1TB drive in it. Haven't heard a peep out of anyone, and everyone knows if I find MP3s on their laptop, kiss it bye-bye!
    1st comment - cant get a better reason than that!

    2nd - not up to us about the server. We have terabytes for us over in the datacenter in north carolina, but we dont have a say in what we want. But tbh, if it were me, i would not reserve space for music. I would be a network drive nazi lol

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    I can access OWA through the Opera mini browser but I'll be damned if I can get it to work per those instructions.

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    OK--looks like I am out of luck on my own and will have to ask the 'powers that be' for permission to access my email via my BB. All redirects and auto-forwards have been disabled and I found out via below that I cannot access OWA through my BB. Thanks for the help.

    Note: The BlackBerry Internet Service does not support a Microsoft Outlook Web Access source using a Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server (ISA Server). To determine whether your messaging server is using an ISA Server, see KB04804.

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    Interesting. I never knew ISA could be used to foil OWA from BB, what is it about push technology that ISA blocks?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ranshackle
    I like Hasselhoff's ass better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shifty View Post
    what is it about push technology that ISA blocks?
    Honestly, I have NFC. Here is the link to the BB website where I got the info.

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