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Thread: Vizio 50 inch plazma 899 free shipping

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    Default Vizio 50 inch plazma 899 free shipping

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    Thanks, looking for mid-sized LCD though!

    Anyone know how much heat they give off? i am imagining that a 42" LCD will give off less than the same sized plasma.....

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    u mean like this?

    Vizio VS42L 42" Full HD LCD TV for $599.99. Shipping starts at around $25.
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    I will have to start looking at some reviews.

    I heard Vizio is not the best, but is making a good inroad with its price point....

    Clarity, resolution, blur and overall dependability would probably be pretty important.

    Black level, contrast and color are also important, and usually lacking in LCDs in general.....

    Thanks TS. Now I will have to start looking again! :P

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