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    Default Hello LOB

    Miss fraggin u guys! DS still kicks around some rocks every night in UT2k4. You can catch me on xfire "Unfo"

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    Hail Unf0! Thanks for the update, I will have to reload it

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    See u in game!

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    hey hey! I'm baaaaack!!!

    for some reason I could not get into my Pure_Evil account here, even the password request failed

    anyway! {DS} in the HOUSE!!!!!!

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    Forum got hacked quite a while ago. If you don't see your old account in the current member list, the Turkish POS script kiddie that exploited the site deleted it.
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    I like Hasselhoff's ass better.

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    i wanna play

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    I just installed all the UTs on my computer including 3 but never see anyone online. UT3 has a weird way of showing players in the servers too. Took a little to figure it out. Only CTF servers have more than one real person playing in them it seems. I have been playing Black Ops online on the PC with a clan called XRG which has been fun. my steam ID at the moment is upsbrownie but will change to oppressor in a few months or so. Friend me!

    Oh yeah.... WHATS UP MY GIGGAS!

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    PS: I had to make a new account... I forgot what my old one was.

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    I found the same thing a while back.

    Also, I am spoiled on in-game voice rather than 3rd party voice chat proggies.....

    UT3 had a great engine, but it felt too clunky and bulky compared to the original. When you have human scale fighters on such large complex maps it loses something.....

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