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Thread: Guitar Tabs

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    Guys you need to get the Guitar pro app.
    You have all the tools to learn anything in that great app. and compose too.

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    Guitar Pro is the best App, I love it

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    Thank you all....

    I have to keep with the advice you gave to see what I wanted to achieve....

    Seriously.... I mean it.

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    a free alternative to guitar pro i use:

    guitar pro files work in it too.

    If you just do guitar, guitar pro is probably the way to go from what i hear (i haven't tried it myself). But if you also do things w/other instruments (like piano), then musescore is great because it also does regular sheet music (though it also does tabs).

    Also, you can drop midi files in to musescore and bam, have the sheet music for it. Find a midi file you like and now you know how to play it. - for midi files. And musescore is free, so no reason to not use it *and* guitarpro if you already have guitar pro.

    and for structured lessons - - ain't bad, not free though. Organized sequential vids, w/jam tracks and notation included (notation made for guitar pro, also works in musescore). But if you wait to sign up, once a year they give a free guitar as a bonus for signing up, or at least they have done so once a year until now.

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