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Thread: I may be F'd

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    Default I may be F'd


    I swore at the "HR" woman today.

    She did not like the way I re-arranged the coffee boxes and commanded me to change it.

    When I protested, she said "Well [the boss] would not like it that way" (BS) and started talking in the third person "we" don't like that, etc etc.

    When I finally started re-assembling the shelves in the lower way, she did not like the way I was doing it and physically shoved me away. I told her I did not like it when she spoke to me in the third person like that and that she was not representative of everyone. The head drafter (nice guy... until now) chimed in and said "I don't want to hear any of this either, (I agree with her) stop it".

    My clever response was "Go fk yourselves".

    Real great.

    I am a total fk up when it comes to situations like that. I may be 100% in the right in my feelings and position, but in the right does not make swearing at her right.

    I have no future here. I have ruined it. Not that this is a gold mine. I have wanted out of here since the 2nd week. I have been focusing on too many things and getting nothing done at home....

    I don't expect any solutions from any of you guys, or sympathy. I just needed somewhere to vent......

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    hey man, you know me.

    I say "f" them. But you know, if they do start anything, she "shoved" you?
    If you REALLY don't care about the place, she physically touched you and berated you in 3rd person (verbal abuse from an HR person).

    Start throwing lawsuit around (just to make them sweat a little...not that you would actually do it) lol

    BTW, I dont remember what you got hired for...but it definitely wasn't for facilities things, right?

    If not, then why is HR commanding you to rearrange **** that they or facilities should be doing?

    The important thing is, you need to be the FIRST to complain. Or else it looks like you are retaliating.
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    DA, I already threw out the "lawyer" line a bit (once). The only problem I would have is being a big individual. If I was still 6' at 140 a judge would look at me and think SlimJim, but 30 pounds heavier and somehow I should be able to take physical beratement from an OC HR Mother Hen and deal with it.

    Well, maybe I should. I still do not like being physically "adjusted" by a "co-worker".

    The thing is DA, I had already re-arranged it so that we had less of those damn boxes strewn about. You can re-attach the shelves to get 3 levels of boxes (12) rather than 2 (8). This would fit the other stragglers right in and free up some counter spacer

    But that was not how SHE liked it. So she asked who did it, and as soon as I told her she COMMANDED me to change it back, siting the "boss wants it that way". (Did I tell you she was telepathic?).

    As I was doing so, she did not like the way I was doing it (you have to smack the shelf to get it to pop out) and told me "Go away, I'll do it" from whence she shoved me out of the way.

    Then came my questioning, the chiming in by one of her long term co-worker friends (who is a passive so naturally she likes him) and my outburst.

    My key mistake was not the swearing, it was the appellation.

    If I had used a lesser word, like "screw" that would have been better, but a simple "**** this" instead of "Yourselves" would have taken the onus from swearing AT to just swearing.

    So whatever. I really need to get out of here. I need a vent. I need a social outlet.

    All I have left are beer and games and they are not enough. I shouldn't have beer every night, and my wife hates it when I play. Unfortunately, w/o MP online, I have very little contact with ANYONE else now.

    I need to find a club or something so I can open back up again.......

    Thanks DA.

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    well, not to harp on it, but your size has nothing to do with someone pushing you or verbally insulting you.

    Her hands should not have touched you at all.

    Anyway, you've been there for over 6 months, i say start looking and if you get canned, milk some unemployment and still threaten the lawyer thing (even if it is just to make them sweat it out a bit)

    have you been hunting for another gig?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjahedge View Post
    My key mistake was not the swearing, it was the appellation.
    No, the key mistake was leaving a witness.

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    I don't know, if she berates people and talks in the third person and pushes people physically, you may not be the only person there who hates her. Will your boss defend you? Are you in a union? I'd file a grievance or a lawsuit faster than lightning!!! CYA
    Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!

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    Lil, my boss does not care. He has his own company here and does not want to handle this kind of thing, so she takes care of a lot of the admin duties and exerts her power over all.

    She is friends with those that obey her, and is snarky to everyone.

    There are many that have had problems with her, but all the active ones have either left or been fired. So all that remain are passives that either do not say anything or simply shrug it off. She has fired anyone she can that she does not agree with (one secretary was "laid off" because of lack of work...supposedly. Less that 2 months later we have 1 full timer and 2 part time secretaries taking her place.....)

    My bad luck is that I am the canary in the coal mine. I am the bright light in a swamp. I attract all the bugs. The three people here at work that everyone has had various problems with I have not only had problems, but not sat still about it.

    One staten island lazy stereo typical Italian American threatening me physically. One lazy drafter that does not tell you what they are doing, does not ask any questions when something is unclear, and is generally not interested in anything but telling you to talk to the hand, and then the HR woman from hell.

    I know what they are doing is wrong. I know they are not nice people. The problem is, they do not conflict with each other, and they have been here much longer. So no matter how many here may have had problems and have not said anything, they are still here. The place is still running.

    It does not matter how many child beaters are working at your firm, if you disagree with too many of them, you are wrong no matter how wrong they might be. Propriety in seniority.

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    And yes, I started looking again last night.

    There is not much out there.

    I will start looking in earnest again this weekend and keep it up until I find something.

    Hopefully I will before my B-Day in Feb.

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    yeah, you are in a small company that is the exact opposite of corporate.
    Been there done that.

    I went off on the bosses own brother (who was brought in for a pity trip) when I was freelancing PC stuff for a construction site.
    The guy was a complete ass and I was actually on good terms with the receptionist when i worked there (he HATED it). Why you ask? Cause the first day he was hired, he tried to kiss her during lunch lol

    One day he took her drink from the fridge while she was out sick and I said it was a scumbag move. He tried to pull rank and said "you have no idea what type of relationship I have with her (she hated him)" Out loud in front of everyone, I said "I know she doesn't want to have anything to do with you after you tried to kiss her last afternoon"

    Oh man that was fun. lol But, since it was a "non corporate" company and the boss was absentee, **** like that just went on.

    Eventually, I left before they can let me go, but the business was dying and the checks kept on coming later.

    With the people i knew there, they said the brother took over the IT stuff, screwed over the boss (his brother) and the next thing i know the boss is calling me again for passwords. I in essence told him FU, you didnt back me when you should have. But really said "you left it up to your brother, he changed all the passwords. Im working elsewhere"

    Guess the moral of the story is people get what they deserve.

    I'm sure that ass is having fun making minimum wage and paying for child support too ;p

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    First time offense requires a warning and coaching. They cannot just up and fire you because you said some bad words to someone. They have to build a case of habitual issues/complaints before they can take action to terminate you.

    She's HR and should know better then anyone these rules; certainly the rules that say you cannot touch other employees (which she did).

    Apart from hating being where you are and not liking all the people around you - you should be safe.

    Your next actions should be; go see your boss, say that you were having stressful week outside of work and it carried over. Next, say to your boss that you want to set up a meeting between you and the HR person to offer an apology (with your boss present). But do not leave out the fact that you were pushed; indicate that the action made you swear.
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