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Thread: The part that sucks being a boss

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    Yeah, layoffs strike at the heart of everyone's soul... When you look at who gets laid off, you can't help but think that could be you. And, if it is you, it really sucks cuz you know that you didn't do anything wrong... or did you? You start imagining reasons why it was you.
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    I know why it was me.

    As good as I was, I was on the higher end of the pay scale, and I was not willing to work 60+ hours a week and be paid for 38.5 hours at a 10% salary reduction.

    And I was not in the "in" crowd. One lady there would actually be shopping for clothes for hours on end.

    But, whatever. Female and spanish (minority). Surprisingly, you need that for some government jobs, ao maybe that was it. Or maybe they just LIKED her better than me...

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    I got fired a few months ago for throwing a book at someone. I didn't throw the book, the guy is just a douche bag and said I did. I dropped it on his desk after he *****ed he didn't have documention for some **** I set up. The guy has been there for 15 years or so and hated me since I got there. I took a lot of his workload and I think it ate him up. I left him out of the loop purposely but I guess in the end the new guy gets the **** end of the stick.

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    Red, I had a run in here at work where I was shoved to the side, but I got the reprimand for "F you all".

    Needless to say, it really does not matter how right or wrong you are in buisness. Sometimes it is more of how well you work with others than how well you work by yourself.

    The lesson I keep learning is to stay cool. When you grow up a small kid, you never get any real attension from blowing your top. But when you grow to 6' and put on 30 pounds of muscle, even LOOKING angry is taken much more seriously.

    GREAT for a playground confrontation, but just sucky for almost everything an adult has to deal with.

    But back to OT... I feel for you Garm, and I hope you never lose that feeling (or have an employee that makes you feel HAPPY to get rid of them). You are lucky you have made it that far. Some of us still don't have the leadership qualities that some decide are enough to be a boss....

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