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    Default Irc?

    where do we all chat these days? I just fired up mIRC and hopped on gamesurge - it's dead! what's the deal now? I know you ****ers are lurking somewhere. I got shifty on AIM but his ass is always away. also I got tensux but he never answers me.

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    Well, post a pick of a buxom babe and you will get TS.

    Shifty will answer you, just not immediately....

    Me? I gave up on Trillian a while ago, and mostly chat through Steam. It is not as effective, I know, but most of the chatting I do now is Game related, so the proggie that manages/runs most of my games is the most convenient.

    Ninjahedge|MyU (The MyU was from the brief 3-4 weeks we thought we had a scrim team for TF2!!! )

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    What is IRC? Some trendy gadget from the 80's?
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    Mid 90's.

    Kinda like TeamSpeak!!!

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    I'd chat again. I'm online the majority of the days until late late late.
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