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Thread: Decent deal or what?

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    Default Decent deal or what?

    Samsung 1.5 TB drive, 5400 rpm, 32m cache, S.M.A.R.T. spec, etc etc.

    Buy 2, get a discount making them $100 apiece with free shipping.

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    dont think so.

    I've seen 1TB's at 7200 rpm for like 80
    maybe im missing something

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    So a 1.5TB for only 25% more is bad, how?

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    this link should lead to a comparison
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    I have been hearing bad things about Seagates drives at the 1.5 TB range. Some of the reviews I saw were pretty abysmal....

    That is why I am asking. For a RAID 5 server (home) is this Samsung Drive a good deal?

    Is 7200 RPM really needed on this kind of perpendicular drive (very dense platter storage)?

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    nothing about raid was mentioned in your original post. Thats a different story now

    but still...i think the price could be lower for a lower RPM regardless.

    And I'm talking about a cheaper price sans having to buy 2 to get the discount

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    I was looking. the Seagate was the cheapest at $120 I think, and then this came along.

    I am dissapointed at the platter speed, but we are not talking load dimes. So long as it can stream....

    But 3G for $200?!?!?! Holy poo!!! Just a year ago that was 1G for the same!!!!

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    As areal density increases, platter speed can decrease without hindering least I think.... that and the help of the 32meg cache for often used apps...

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