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Thread: Whoa... you guys are still here!

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    Default Whoa... you guys are still here!

    Wow! Whats up guys! LONGGGG time no see!

    How the hell has everyone been? I take it, must have had some forum problems a few years back? Tried to login with my old account... and it was a no go.

    It was so crazy to see the forums still here, it's like they never left! Nostalgia!

    Anyway... passing my greets along!

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    Long time no see indeed!

    Yea, the server got hacked a few times. Had to just reinstall the forum as a new forum.

    I've been playing a MMORPG called AION. Can't play any FPS nowadays.

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    Wassap X.

    Check on Steam, there are a few of us online. You can find me under... well.... guess...

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