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Thread: Help thinking of old UT04 mods

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    Question Help thinking of old UT04 mods

    I been nostalgic lately and really want to relive the Invasion experience I had playing on the server way back when. Also trying to think of what else we played, I remember Jailbreak but not sure what else due to breakthroughs in my canabis research.

    So far I have:
    -Satore monster pack
    -CBP1-2 v1 and v2

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    I only remember Jailbreak since I re-created it in FEAR.

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    I feel like I am just going to have to take a few hours to make a good wave config. Maybe someone will think of some mods we played. I loved JB but no one around to play it anymore.

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    I made Vehicle Invasion for ut2003 and ut2004 so....
    You can get my mods there :

    Popular stuff is to mix Vehicle Invasion with ZenCoder Weapons

    Best OF Unreal mutator is my last one. For me it is the best you can get of ut2004 to feel like ut99 and much better.

    They screwed UT4 with most of the last update... not sure what happen with that :/

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    Got vINV now as well. For some reason I thought we played Fraghouse Invasion too but I installed it and it was super poo poo.

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