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    So I started full time at my cousins (3 of them) bakery and worked for them for 41 years, including a generation transfer. After the property market got so hot in Boston and they were nearing retirement and none of their kids wanted anything to do with the shop, they sold the property, equipment, routes and customer list and walked away with a cool 20 mil.

    I got severance pay. Thanks cous.

    Anyway, I was the last one (employee) out the door as there was equipment to break down and ship out.

    In the meantime I was looking for a job as I have a few more good years in me and I need health insurance for myself and wife. She is 3 years younger than me so to get the goberment medi what-ever health coverage I have to keep working until she is able to sign up.

    So one of our competitors that bought some of our machines wanted to know if I was looking. I let them know I was and had interviews with a few other shops in the area.
    Well! That started a flurry of phone calls and email, these guys wanted me in the worst way. I guess being a plant engineer for over 40 years gets you noticed.

    So I named my price and terms, they agreed, and now instead of driving a hour to and from work, I drive 11 minutes!

    The shop is bigger, I have better hours (right now) and have been here over a year and like it, We are wrapping up a big expansion and here is a video of one of the roll lines. I only show some of the operation because they get their panties in a bunch if too much gets out and their competitors see what they can do.

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    Cool! I want a shop like this

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    Very nice, Kicker!

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    congrats Kicker!

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