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Thread: PS3 Music problem

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    Default PS3 Music problem

    So we've been talking about TVersity, PS3 Media server, and a few other options about streaming all types of video to the PS3 to watch in the living room.

    Now i'd like to talk about possibly streaming music to the PS3 on to the home theatre. I don't have a home sound system. Just the TV (for now anyways).

    What i'm looking for is a UI much like iTunes on the PS3. I want to be able to search via artist, song or album. I have a rather large collection and i'm not sure if it would be feasible to do this via wireless.

    Any ideas i could try?

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    You can do searches and whatnot pretty readily using wireless.

    I have it on my computer, and the SlimDevices thingamabobber and it does fine. The only problem is signal strength.....

    What protocol are you on? B or N?

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    For music, I don't think bandwidth would be an issue.

    I think c is more concern about the UI that's similar to iTune or what not IN the PS3 so that he can easily search for music.

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    exactly wes.

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