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    I posted about a problem years ago in the helpdesk here about using logitech setpoint drivers on a laptop, i think i actually found a fix myself, but cant remember it now, i dont want to use the windows drivers because then the tilt wheel will not work, it also runs smoother with the logitech drivers, the problem is when u install the logitech drivers they screw up the touch pa, make it so slow its almost unusable. i thought they had fixed it, in fact i remember seeing that when u installed some versions of it, it would recognize that there was a touchpad and leave it alone, any ideas anyone? at this point when i install the setpoint drivers, the only way to fix it is to usse system restore, uninstalling the driver software wont fix it

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    and i assume you have looked on the logitech website and googled about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragonash View Post
    and i assume you have looked on the logitech website and googled about it?
    yes i did

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    not for nothing but how can u make a mouse for a laptop that has software that screws up the dam touch bad, for christ sakes, what a piece of sh!t compnay

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    and i assume you have tried smashing the mouse against the keyboard... That always solves my mouse problems!!
    Ha-Ha! Made Ya Read!

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