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I like VR. So much so that I even considered getting the Varjo XR-3, but the annual fee is what stopped me from getting it. I finally got the Varjo Aero for $2000. Varjo has human eye resolution, but only at where you are looking at. Since I have lazy eyes, it doesn’t quite work for me. I can still see the amazingly crystal clear image at time (in 1 eye). 🙂

The headset not only is heavy (very heavy), it is also imbalanced front heavy. Making wearing it very uncomfortable. I ended up going back to use the HTC VIVE, even the HTC has much lower resolution. Wearing comfort is the king.

Here comes the Meta Quest Pro. After seeing all the promos, it looked promising. For “mere” $1500, you can have everything that Varjo brings. Even hand tracking that the high end Varjo has and the Quest Pro doesn’t even ask you for a subscription fee.

Well, by now, I’m sure you have seen tons of review video on YouTube so I’m not gonna bore you with the detail. Bottom-line is, it is as good as it promised. Amazingly good resolution. You can actually wear it to do daily work. In standalone mode, it has hands tracking. You can walk around the room and do actual computer work and surf the net. In connected mode, it works like a dumb display like the traditional VR headset with no hand tracking, but you can play all of the generic VR games/app. Best of both worlds. The headset weight is decent and balanced. This is my #1 go to VR headset for now.

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