Hackers strike again! Files are gone and tons of backdoor and hacks were installed. I give up!

Old MyU members, please register and chat. Anyone can create new posts.

To register, scroll down on this page and click on “logged in”, right below the “Leave a Reply” line. Then click on the tiny “Register” at the very bottom of the login screen.

8 thoughts on “RIP

    1. haha. Welcome human! 😀

      It’s not easy to fend off the bots. Just the math alone wasn’t even enough. Had to use a mix or numbers and words, along with the sliding puzzle, to finally successfully block them.

  1. OMG!!!!
    Installing UT again and had to come back and check on MyUnreal. Cannot believe it’s still around and lots of appreciation that you are all still around.
    Thanks again Wes for continuing!

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