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  1. Yea, it is an ultra wide. It is awesome watching the cinematic battle. But for the normal game play, it is too wide. The menu bar is on the far right or far left. You have to keep turning the head, like almost all the wide to look at your shoulder. After awhile, I wish I had the less wide version.

    However, if I have to choose again, I would still get the ultra wide. It is just much more useful for work and other multi-tasks.

    1. I had similar for one of those strategy adventure games (2 screens). The daamn horse was right at the split.

      I now have 3 screens (2×27 and 1×32 4K screens.. LG) and it is great for VPN/WFH. The 32 is the work screen and the sides are… personal (webmail, music, etc).

      Main problem is that the desk was not made for that and they are all on stands, not on mounting frames…

      1. Yea, I was using multiple screen for awhile. Just not as flexible as the super wide. Very useful. Once you try it, it’s hard to go back. Only draw back is that it uses lot of power. Making the room quite hot.

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