Nice to see this is still going!

Hey guys! It’s been a long long long time! Hope everyone is doing good! What has been, like a life time? Wishing you guys the best! Wes, you are the best man!

4 thoughts on “Nice to see this is still going!

  1. As always, late to the party, just chiming in to say, “Dammit, my account didn’t carry over!” but I was able to figure out how to register.

    The format of WP on the home page is incredibly frustrating. It was nice to see the threads showed a bit more normally after creating an account.

    As always, thanks Wes for keeping this landing pad around!

    1. Yea, took me awhile to figure out just how to login as well. lol. The forum/BBS software just … not safe enough to avoid hacking, so it seems. Maybe just too customizable and leave lot of room for hacks.

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