Sad News about Duke

Happy to see that Wes was able to keep this going!

Sorry to bring sad news about Duke:

8 thoughts on “Sad News about Duke

  1. Hey, Kicker! I’m good. Retired in January and living the dream. Or, maybe I should say working the plan to get to the dream. lol

    How are you and the Missus?

  2. Sounds good!
    We are doing good, still working (I am) .
    We bought a pair of ATV’s, enclosed 16′ trailer, and a RAM Rebel pickup (with a HEMI of course) and go trail riding on Mondays when it’s less crowded. Funny thing is it was her idea!
    Just had our 46th wedding anniversary!

  3. Yeah, you two are good together! She must really love you to take up trail riding! lol Sounds like fun. There’s a lot of ATV trails in NH. I just bought an electric bike that folds up and fits in my trunk. That’s about my speed!

    I also adopted a senior rescue dog. Finding out there’s a reason they’re hard to find homes for. 🙂

  4. We are all still here.

    In one way or another. I am sorry to hear about that. Kicker and Duke were one cornerstone of what we played on….


    I can’t find a way to UL the screenshot… but it is the kitten sniping….. 🙁

  5. Good to see you here Ninjahedge.
    I still jump on the server now and then. It seems pretty much empty but I am glad it is still running.
    Hope to see you or others there sometime.

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